Your guide to finding the best restaurants in the West End Soho, London W1.

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Your guide to finding the best restaurants in Soho, London W1

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Eat Soho is a local guide providing information on restaurants, cafes, bars and pop up's in Soho, London W1. Eat Soho is an independent website, providing unbiased restaurant reviews, personal ratings and photos.

Discover more places to eat in and around Soho, and share your own first hand experiences.

480 Soho restaurants listed

Eat Soho's database includes over 480 Soho premises, and counting; as new establishments open weekly.

192 Streets in and around Soho

Whilst Soho covers roughly only one square mile, there are a maze of streets and alleyways to explore.

81 Varieties of cuisine

Whatever your culinary desires may be – you will surely find it in and around Soho with over 81 varieties of cuisine.